• The collaborative article with the Noireaux group is accepted for publication in Molecular Cell. The article describes how cell-free TXTL systems can be rapidly used to characterize CRISPR-Cas systems, with demonstrations using novel Cpf1 nucleases and a diverse set of anti-CRISPR proteins. Congrats to the two first authors, Ryan Marshall and Colin Maxwell, the scientists at Benson Hill Biosystems, and the other contributing members of the Beisel group (Scott, Tom, Michelle)!


  • Chase is selected to receive the 2018 D.I.C. Wang Young Investigator Award through the Journal of Biotechnology & Bioengineering.


  • Our review article on CRISPR antimicrobials was accepted for publication in Current Opinions in Biomedical Engineering. Great job to Jennie, Daphne, and Atul for writing an excellent and timely review!



  • Ryan Leenay successfully defends his PhD. Congrats, Dr. Leenay and best of luck at the BioHub in SF!


  • Chase is officially promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure. Thanks to all collaborators and mentors who helped make this possible!


  • Our review article written in collaboration with the Nair group at Tufts University is accepted for publication in Current Opinions in Microbiology. The article discusses recent advances in generating genetic tools for non-model bacteria. Congrats to Matt, Joe, and Nik for their contributions and hard work!



  • The collaborative manuscript with the Noireaux lab was accepted for publication in Biotechnology and Bioengineering. The manuscript shows that short DNA containing Chi sites allows the use of linear DNA in TXTL reactions.  Congrats to everyone involved on the project!















  • Chase will be promoted to Associated Professor with tenure effective August 16th. Thanks to all current and former lab members who made this milestone possible!


  • Ryan and Chelsea have their baby boy, Jack. Congratulations to Ryan and Chelsea on their new arrival!


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