Chase is selected to receive the 2018 D.I.C. Wang Young Investigator Award through the Journal of Biotechnology & Bioengineering.


Chase is officially promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure. Thanks to all collaborators and mentors who helped make this possible!


  • Our review article written in collaboration with the Nair group at Tufts University is accepted for publication in Current Opinions in Microbiology. The article discusses recent advances in generating genetic tools for non-model bacteria. Congrats to Matt, Joe, and Nik for their contributions and hard work!



  • The collaborative manuscript with the Noireaux lab was accepted for publication in Biotechnology and Bioengineering. The manuscript shows that short DNA containing Chi sites allows the use of linear DNA in TXTL reactions.  Congrats to everyone involved on the project!















  • Chase will be promoted to Associated Professor with tenure effective August 16th. Thanks to all current and former lab members who made this milestone possible!


  • Ryan and Chelsea have their baby boy, Jack. Congratulations to Ryan and Chelsea on their new arrival!


  • Daphne Collias, Scott Collins, and Justin Vento join the group as graduate students. Welcome!


  • Michelle and Ahmed depart from the Beisel lab as they begin the next phase of their careers. It’s been wonderful having you both in the lab and thanks for the great science along the way! Best of luck on your future careers!


  • Ryan’s review article on the CRISPR PAM is accepted by the Journal of Molecular Biology. Congrats, Ryan and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

PAM Assay Review


  • A productive American Institute of Chemical Engineers annual meeting! Ahmed and Michelle give talks, Chase hosts a topical conference on industrial biotechnology, and Malay presents a poster. Congrats to Malay for winning first place in the Food, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology division!


  • Michelle successfully defends her PhD dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Luo!


  • Fani Ttofali joins the lab as our new lab manager. Welcome, Fani!


  • Chase and Colin begin a collaborative project with Dr. Vincent Noireaux (U Minnesota), Dr. Elisa Franco (UC-Riverside), Dr. Mary Dunlop (U Vermont), and Dr. Julius Lucks (Northwestern). The project is funded through the DARPA Biocontrol program.


  • Laura Cueto Burdiel joins the lab as a visiting graduate student from Dr. Miguel Vicente’s lab at the National Center of Biotechnology (CSIC) in Madrid, Spain. Laura will be in the lab for three months learning advanced genetic-engineering techniques in E. coli and contributing to ongoing projects in the group. Welcome Laura!


  • Chase participated in a webinar hosted by Becton Dickinson and gave an invited research seminar in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Utah State University. Thanks to Prof. Ryan Jackson for the invitation and for hosting!


  • Michelle and Chase publish a primer on CRISPR technologies as part of the September 2016 issue of Chemical Engineering Progress, the magazine for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. The primer provides a general overview of CRISPR-Cas systems, how they have been harnessed as revolutionary tools, and the various ethical quandaries that have come up.



  • Chase receives a Maximizing Investigator’s Research Award (MIRA) for Early Stage Investigators from NIGMS. The award is part of a pilot program seeking to fund investigators rather than individual projects.


  • Dr. Atul Singh and Dr. Colin Maxwell join the lab. Dr. Singh joins us after completing a postdoctoral fellowship in Dr. Robert Husson’s lab at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Maxwell joins us after receiving his PhD from Dr. Paul Magwene’s lab at Duke University. Welcome Atul and Colin!

Summer 2016

  • Chase and Ryan spending three weeks visiting Dr. Francois Leulier’s lab at the Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon. Chase and Michelle serve as instructors for the 2016 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory synthetic biology summer course. They were joined by Vincent Noireaux and Michael Smanski from the University of Minnesota, Mary Dunlop from the University of Vermont, Harris Wang from Columbia University, and Mo Khalil from Boston University.


  • Work from the Beisel lab is featured in part on the NCSU News webpage in response to the recent report on a clinical bacterial isolate that is resistant to a last-resort antibiotic.


  • Ahmed successfully passes his Ph.D. defense. Congratulations Dr. Gomaa!


  • Dr. Chunyu Liao and Dr. Jennie Fagen join the lab. Dr. Liao joins us following completion of her PhD in microbiology from Dr. Laura Jarboe’s lab at Iowa State University. Dr. Fagen joins us after completing a research associate position at Oglesby Plants International in Florida. Welcome Chunyu and Jennie!


  • The collaborative paper with Blake Wiedenheft’s group and Brian Bothner’s group at Montana State University is accepted for publication in Nucleic Acids Research. The paper reports how the Type I-E Cascade complex in E. coli is affected by extending the length of the CRISPR RNA. Congrats to Michelle (lead author) and everyone else involved on the project!



  • Chase receives an Emerging Leader Award from the Bay Area Lyme Foundation. The award will allow the Beisel lab to investigate the potential of CRISPR antimicrobials against the causative agent of Lyme disease.


  • Chase receives the Young Faculty Research Award from the NCSU chapter of the Sigma Xi scientific research society.


  • Ahmed and Michelle present posters as part of the NCSU graduate research symposium. As part of the symposium, Ahmed won first place in the Engineering division! Great job both of you representing the Beisel lab!


  • Ryan’s paper is accepted for publication at Molecular Cell! The paper describes a new high-throughput screen to determine PAMs (PAM-SCANR) and a new visualization scheme (PAM wheel). Congratulations to everyone from the Beisel lab and the Barrangou lab involved in this publication!

PAM assay figures_Mol Cell_Graphical abstract


  • Ahmed’s presentation and Michelle’s poster are both awarded first place at the 2016 Schoenborn Graduate Symposium. The talks are given by the top graduating students in the department, while most students in the department present a poster. Congrats Ahmed and Michelle!!!


  • The Beisel lab is award an STTR grant in collaboration with the Arkansas-based start-up company Boston Mountain Biotech. The collaborative project will apply CRISPR-mediated silencing to the optimization of protein production strains.


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